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About Dovetail Biopartners

At Dovetail Biopartners, we’re pioneering the transition from discovery to innovation + development within the life sciences sector by deploying specialized AWS infrastructure builds. Our team, comprising bioinformaticians, statisticians, + engineers, collaborates to customize these frameworks, ensuring they align perfectly with the specific needs of your research. This approach allows us to offer solutions that are not just tailored, but truly transformative, providing you with a dedicated team that adapts our technology to address your unique challenges.

Central to our ethos is the belief that progress in life sciences requires more than just data analysis; it demands solutions that are as dynamic as the research questions they aim to answer.

So what’s our value proposition?
Provide flexible data solutions to life science researchers to help them advance beyond discovery.

Daniel Dacey

Founder & CEO

Eric Butcher

Co-founder & CTO

Mikal El-Hajjar

Co-founder & Director of Bioinformatics

Deep Patel

Principal Cloud Architect

Kamesh Narasimhan

Senior Scientific Consultant

Your Data Catalyst for Biological Discovery

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