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Flexible Data Strategy

We tailor your journey through the data landscape with adaptable strategies that align with your unique research needs, ensuring you stay at the forefront of biological discovery and innovation.

AWS Integration

AWS is the backbone of everything we do, supporting consulting, solutions, and products to ensure a comprehensive, cloud-powered approach to your data and research needs in the life sciences.

Unified Partnership

Working with us means forging a partnership that goes beyond the typical service provider, where your goals become ours, ensuring a synergistic approach to uncovering the next big scientific breakthrough.



Cloud Infrastructure

Machine Learning



Software Engineering

Service Offerings for Navigating Your Biotech Landscape


Partner with experts specialized in both biology and data science to navigate your research landscape. Consulting with us means embarking on a journey to biological clarity together, where our tailored strategies propel your research into new frontiers of innovation.

Custom Solutions

Our solutions are AWS frameworks that allow quick deployment of a solid foundation for custom, transformative solution builds that will help you decode the complexities of your biological data. From target and biomarker discovery to precision diagnostics, scalable solutions are the bedrock of breakthroughs, allowing you to focus on advancing your research.


Crafted for precision in data chaos, our products streamline your bioinformatics workflows without replacing the human expertise. We believe data exploration remains a hands-on process, and we are enabling that to be done much more efficiently with a central hub to organize your bioinformatic projects and a tool to standardize metadata.

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Life science research is your passion. You want to explore new questions, make discoveries, and create innovations from your data. But making the most of your data can be challenging. That’s where we come in.

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